RBHA serves approximately 175 women and their families each year in the Women’s Substance Use Disorders Services Unit. An average of 20% of those women are pregnant.The women we serve are living at or below the federal poverty level and need practical assistance to stay motivated and engaged in services. 

Families participating in RBHA's social family activities

The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation saw the importance of this need in our community and donated funds to support a designated part-time peer recovery coach and a case manager to assist with women’s treatment groups and provide monthly, sober, social family activities. The peer recovery coach was a great asset to the treatment team and to the participating families as she brought a personal perspective with which consumers could identify since she “walked in their shoes” and knew what was necessary to begin and maintain a lifestyle of recovery. 

Through this partnership, RBHA provided 10 sober social family activities along with two other “promotion celebrations” including movie nights; park trips; museum trips; the circus; state fair; and family dinners.

Participants were very satisfied with the activities and being able to spend quality time with their children and family members. In addition, we asked our families to tell us what these activities meant to them, and they stated the following:

Families at an RBHA social family activity

“If I had more money, I would like to do something for my kids, myself. But other than the fact that I couldn’t afford to do this myself, I loved this experience! I hadn’t been to Maymont Park in many years. It will be a memory that will stick with me for years to come.”

“I would love to have more trips to spend quality time with my family.”

“This experience was absolutely perfect. Thank you RBHA!”

“Today was fun and gave me peace of mind.”

With the O’Neill Foundation’s support, we were able to strengthen families through family reunification.

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