The Grants, Research, Planning, and Evaluation (GRPE) Unit enhances the grant-seeking capabilities of the RBHA, improves the quality of services, and aims to increase the adoption of evidence-based practices by our contracted service provider partners through the establishment of collaborative relationships with local universities, treatment facilities, and other agencies. 

The GRPE Unit is responsible for the following activities:

  • Identify potential opportunities for funding and collaboration for treatment and prevention services
  • Develop grant proposals and service development
  • Develop scholarly presentations for conferences
  • Perform data collection, entry and analysis
  • Design and conduct focus groups and other process evaluation protocols
  • Develop program descriptive documents to be used for management, administrative and marketing purposes
  • Design presentations for delivery by managerial and supervisory staff to a variety of audiences

Contact RBHA by email or by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about the GRPE Unit.