RBHA's Adolescent Services unit has four main services goals:

  • Helping youth address and overcome delinquency, family, and legal problems
  • Treating substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders in youth
  • Providing diagnosis, comprehensive assessments, treatment, mental health interventions, and ancillary linkages for teens with physical, emotional, or behavioral health concerns
  • Assisting teens in preparing for the future by addressing vocational and educational concerns

Types of services provided in the unit include:

Adolescent Intensive Case Management Services:  Provides drug/alcohol evaluation, monitoring, care coordination, advocacy, supportive counseling, intensive community case management, drug testing, treatment planning, school visits, co-occurring services connections, and other ancillary services referrals. 

Outpatient Services:  Non-residential counseling services provided on a scheduled basis to youths (ages 11-18) suffering from alcohol and other drug abuse or dependence.  Types of services include gender-specific groups, smoking cessation groups, co-occurring disorders groups, pre-teen groups, and parent educational sessions.  

Adolescent Residential Treatment Services:  Overnight alcohol and other drug abuse rehabilitation services provided to gender-specific youth (ages 13-17). Services address the developmental needs of youth by helping them understand addiction and its harmful consequences, developing their own recovery resources & tools, and using their personal tools to change habits and behaviors. Treatment duration is typically 60-90 days.  Parent educational seminars and parent support groups are offered to all youth served.  

Contact RBHA by email or by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about Adolescent Services.