Thanks to the RICH Recovery Clinic, “John,” a patient who had lost his Medicaid and was unable to see a physician, is doing well in the community.

The medical staff of the RICH Recovery Clinic saw John, who had been experiencing tremendous weight loss (86 pounds in 3 months), no appetite, and blurred vision. Lab results came back significantly higher than normal the following day. John was at the Marshall Center (RBHA’s clubhouse) when lab results came in. The Nurse contacted his RBHA Case Manager and the two staff coordinated transportation for John from the Marshall Center to the emergency room.  

The Nurse followed up with the hospital to confirm admission. Coordination between the Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, and Case Manager was essential to ensure the patient made it to the hospital and was admitted for his physical health concerns rather than behavioral health issues. The medical staff feel strongly that John would have experienced renal failure and death had his physical health challenges not been identified and he was hospitalized. It took three days in the hospital to stabilize John’s blood sugar without the assistance of medications.

Throughout John’s stay in the hospital, the RICH Recovery Clinic’s Nurse and RBHA Case Manager remained in contact with the hospital to ensure that he be discharged with all necessary medications, glucometer and supplies. This took effort from both the Nurse and Case Manager to ensure that John’s medications were filled and he was able to leave the hospital prepared to manage his blood sugar (John did not have insurance). It is now a priority for the Case Manager to assist the patient in reestablishing his Medicaid, and for RICH Recovery staff to support him in better understanding and maintaining his physical health challenges. 

This client success story reflects how RICH Recovery medical staff are working in collaboration with RBHA Case Managers to ensure holistic care is provided to clients in need of behavioral and physical health support. This is just one example of how the RICH Recovery Clinic is providing integrated care to meet the many needs of our clients.