Set GoalsEach child and his or her parent will meet with an RBHA professional to develop goals for your child while he or she is in the program. Some children need to work on anger control while some may need to learn new ways to focus in class. The needs vary widely, and the case manager will help you and your child develop goals that are right for you.

Goals are then written on a form we call the Individual Service Plan. Although your child may have many needs and behaviors you would like for him or her to change, it is recommended that you select only 1-3 at a time. The sooner your child succeeds in one area, the sooner he or she will believe in him or herself.

Once you have decided on a couple of goals, you will work with the case manager on some strategies to achieve those goals. We will help your child through counseling and education, and offer various ways that he or she can practice new skills. Every three months, your child’s case manager will review your child’s goals and document his or her progress. Goals may need to be changed to meet your child’s changing needs.