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Each child participating in RBHA's school-based therapeutic program will work closely with an individual often referred to as a case manager. Your child’s case manager is a mental health professional with either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, or a counseling field.

Your child and his or her case manager will work closely together each school day to ensure that your child is as successful as he or she can be in school. Together they will do activities to help your child:

  • Learn to listen 
  • Follow directions 
  • Control impulses 
  • Ignore negative behaviors and distracters 
  • Share with others 
  • Wait for his or her turn 
  • Ask for help 
  • Talk politely 
  • Accept consequences 
  • Manage frustration 
  • Express anger appropriately 
  • Build and maintain healthy friendships 
  • Problem-solve 
  • Become more self-aware 
  • Learn to become more patient 
  • Pay attention in class 
  • Complete tasks assigned to them 
  • Develop a positive attitude 
  • And more depending on your child’s needs.

Your child will be able to participate in a reward program as he advances through different stages of treatment. Your child’s case manager will help him or her learn how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected and can be changed.