Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family- and community-based treatment that addresses the multiple determinants of serious antisocial behavior in juvenile offenders. 

The multisystemic approach addresses factors within each system of the youth’s naturally occurring ecology that are contributing to his or her behavioral problems, using the strengths of each system to facilitate change.  In order to provide a more intensive service, clinicians carry a small caseload of 4 to 6 families.  MST is an evidence-based treatment and clinicians use empirically validated approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and the pragmatic family therapies.  Services are primarily home-based, but treatment may also take place in other settings that are natural to the youth and family’s ecology.  MST clinicians provide individual and family counseling, case management, and 24-hour crisis management. 

The primary goals of MST are to reduce rates of antisocial behavior in the adolescent, reduce recidivism, reduce out-of-home placements, and to empower parents with the skills and resources needed to independently address future difficulties.

Referral sources may include the Richmond Court Services Unit, The Richmond Family Assessment and Planning Team, Richmond City Schools, other mental health professionals, and RBHA staff working with the consumer. 

Contact RBHA by email or by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about MST.