The Children’s ID Program helps develop and implement a person-centered plan focused on achieving a good life for children ages 3-22 years.  Through this planning process, the child and his/her family take steps towards:

  • Identifying needed supports to achieve a good life
  • Linking to resources within the community that meet these needs
  • Collaborating with a wide variety of professionals, programs, and agencies in the community to advocate and deliver supports
  • Promoting participation within the community
  • Monitoring the child’s changing needs and ensuring the child continues to receive the most appropriate services

Resources the Children’s Intellectual Disabilities Support Coordination Services provide:

Afterschool and Summer Camp Funding

  • We provide a limited amount of funding for children to attend afterschool services with our community partners: The ARC; Camp Baker; and St. Joseph's Villa. As funding becomes available, support coordinators link children to this service.
  • These partners provide a structured and safe learning environment tailored to your child’s needs to promote socialization and independence skills.


  • We link to the GRTC and provide funding based on the transportation needs of the family to help assist with the child attending medical appointments and accessing community resources

Monitoring and Coordinating the Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Waiver

  • The support coordinator will determine eligibility for the ID waiver. 
  • For additional information on the ID Waiver, please refer to the ID Waiver section.

Assistance Accessing and Maintaining Educational Services

  • The support coordinator helps monitor Exceptional Education services provided through public and private schools.
  • The support coordinator helps with the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process and is in contact with the child’s teacher to ensure support and success in the classroom. 

Psychiatric/Psychological Services

  • RBHA employs psychologists and psychiatrists to provide evaluations and continued monitoring. 
  • For more information, please refer to the Mental Health Services page.

To Get Started, Contact:

Children’s ID Intake Coordinator: 
Maggie Puckette, MSW 
Phone: 804-819-5218

Children’s ID Manager:  
Erin Austin, LCSW
Phone: 804-819-4073

Links to Additional Community Resources: