RBHA consumers are now able to use the agency's computer lab to get connected. 

RBHA Consumer Computer Lab

Thanks to grant* funding, consumers are invited to use the lab to find online resources to help their recovery, search job opportunities, learn computer basics, and set-up and check email. With a mix of walk-in hours and individual assistance, consumers are seeing much success with securing employment, developing resumes, setting-up email accounts, and feeling more comfortable using a computer.      

Success!  “Susan” walked into the RBHA with a drug habit and no hope. She had recently been kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment, and spent the last few nights at CARITAS, a homeless shelter in downtown Richmond. After completing her intake with RBHA, her case manager referred her to the Consumer Computer Lab with hopes of her gaining a few computer skills, and a new start to life. Susan began visiting the lab and scheduling frequent appointments with her Recovery Coach. After a month of dedication, and hard work on her recovery, Susan began receiving call-backs from the jobs she had applied to within the lab.

After three job interviews and not being hired, Susan began to lose faith in her recovery, and her job search.  One day as she sat and talked with her Recovery Coach about her lack of motivation, suddenly her cell phone rang.  It was a local hotel only two blocks from RBHA. They requested an interview with her the next morning.  Although Susan was hopeful, she was not excited, because of the recent rejection she had experienced. The next morning, Susan called her Recovery Coach with the news of being hired as a housekeeping assistant with the hotel. She was offered the job at the end of her interview! 

After three months of employment, Susan has obtained her driver’s license and a nice, shiny blue van from a family member who believed in her. Susan is now working 6 days a week, and is currently in the process of apartment hunting. “Not only do I feel better, I think I look a little better since being clean and sober,” Susan said to her Recovery Coach while leaving one of her last sessions. Susan is now considering enrolling into J. Sergeant Reynolds, a local community college. She has hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse in the next few years.

*Funding for this project is supported from a grant by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.