Student Internships:

RBHA offers opportunities for students to pursue internships.  Students must be affiliated with an accredited college or university seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree related to, or in the following programs:  Social work; psychology; rehabilitation counseling; sociology; counseling; nursing; public health; health education and nutrition; early childhood education; health administration; accounting; information technology; and/or human services.  RBHA is committed to making any internship a quality educational experience under the direct supervision of an RBHA employee, also referred to as a field instructor.  RBHA’s expectation is that the student be able to apply their classroom learning to real world experiences in the field of behavioral health.

At any given time, RBHA has approximately 20 student interns working for the agency under supervision.  Our agency partners with many different institutions, such as Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University, the University of Virginia, and the Virginia Treatment Center for Children. Under weekly supervision, students will be provided education and guidance to practice the highest professional standards as they deliver services to consumers, conduct agency and/or organizational tasks, and participate in policy analysis and/or application. 

A student’s role is not to cover gaps in staffing shortages. Some of the learning assignments will include, but are not limited to: Conducting bio-psychosocial-spiritual assessments; differentiating diagnostic categories; providing clinical case management services to a small caseload and collaborating with their families and/or other providers as permitted by the consumer; documenting all rendered services according to regulatory standards; attending unit/division meetings and in-service trainings; completing process recordings and using as a tool to critique practice; and actively utilizing supervision to communicate learning needs, thoughts, feelings, and linking theory with practice by translating concepts into specific action.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The RBHA also offers volunteer opportunities on a limited basis.  Volunteering for the RBHA is a less structured activity compared to a student internship; however, supervision is still required commensurate with volunteer experience and length of placement.

Once a student/volunteer has been offered a placement, a criminal history check at the expense of the student/volunteer must be provided to RBHA prior to the start date.  Other trainings will be required based on the service area in which the intern/volunteer is placed.